• Detailed ground water development plan
  • Water audit
  • Aquifer Mapping
  • Preparation of Project Proposal to be submitted to "Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)"
  • Implementation of compliance issued by CGWA to various project
  • Delineation of aquifer geometry
  • Pumping Test ,Analysis & Determination of aquifer parameters
  • Ground water resource estimation
  • Water conservation and management plan
  • Rain water-harvesting and artificial recharge to ground water and construction of recharge structures .
  • Hydrometeorology including rainfall analysis
  • Surface and ground water hydrology
  • Ground water and surface water quality
  • Evaporation and seepage losses
  • Recycling and re-use
  • Better water management practices and improvements in operational technology
  • The safety and longevity of water-related structures
  • Economical designs for ground water abstraction structures for optimal yield;
  • Risk analysis and disaster management
  • Remedial measures of Sedimentation of reservoirs
  • Prevention of water logging and soil salinity
  • Reclamation of water logged and saline lands
  • Detail Hydrogeological Study
  • Borehole Geophysical Logging and Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES)
  • Impact Assessment Study of Rain Water Harvesting System and Artificial recharge to ground water.
  • Consultancy for Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial recharge to ground water.
  • Construction of new Tube wells , Piezometers and recharge well as per Central Ground Water Authority, Guidelines at most competitive rates.
  • Geo-Hydrological Studies with e-log Data, Litho-Logs and VES
  • Measurement of Surface/Ground Water Level and determination of ground water flow by using advance technology
  • Determination of Cation , Anion (Ion Chromatograph), Metal Trace Element
  • Ground Water Modeling Study
  • Basin/ Watershed wise study for Aquifer Management Plan
  • Geo-Technical Data Collection [Ground Water Level, SPTN Values, Soil Fineness, Geology, Shear Wave Velocity] by Borehole
  • Pollution Study in and around various industries like Breweries, Distilleries, Paper, Textile and Tanneries.
  • Study of Geogenic and Anthropogenic contamination of ground water and its remedial measures.




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